David Mark joins Louise Welsh (author of No Dominion) to talk about her dystopian vision of present day London and his departure into the past to create a bleak and disturbing vision of Victorian Hull with his new book, The Zealot’s Bones. Past, present and future. Either way, it won’t be pretty. Visit the Beverley Read more

D. M. Mark and Andrew Martin Just how difficult was it to investigate a murder in the 18th and 19th centuries? Not only were there no fingerprinting or DNA tests, none of the forensics we now take for granted, but there may well have been a cholera outbreak devastating the city or the only suspects Read more

Anthony Riches in conversation with fellow author David Mark The Year of the Four Emperors was a dark, tumultuous time in Rome: rebellion was rife, the future was uncertain, and short-lived Emperor Galba made the fatal mistake of dismissing the Batavians of the Imperial Bodyguard. From the author of the bestselling Empire series comes an Read more

Sleeping with the Fishes: Hull vs Iceland Nick Quantrill & David Mark vs. Lilja Siguroardottir & Quentin Bates. The panel look at the style, influence and distinctions and conflicts of Hull and Iceland as locations and inspirations for crime writing. More about this event. Find out more about Hull Noir  

The first ever Festival of Books at Delapré Abbey will run over the second May Bank Holiday weekend. Come along for author talks in the Victorian library and much more. Find out about the Delapré Festival of Books here. As part of the Festival of Books David Mark will be talking about The Zealot’s Bones. Read more