Piece of Mind by David Mark“Lyrical and gritty, bleak and uplifting, dark and very funny.”
“ …real, raw, and delicious…”

“…a ‘no holds barred’ view of the torturous, debilitating, lonely world of being at war with your own mind.”

Best-selling novelist David Mark’s first work of non-fiction is an excruciatingly honest account of living with serious mental illness.

This lyrical, raw and painfully funny memoir explores how it feels to house a monster inside your head: a slavering, seductive beast that whispers ‘kill yourself’ just when you start to think you’re happy. It’s the story of finding love and raising a family in the face of mania, depression, OCD, addiction, hallucinations, suicidal ideation, chronic anxiety and a genuine genius for self-sabotage.

Piece of Mind deals with the reality of waking every day and choosing not to die. It’s about keeping on keeping on. It’s about fighting for your life when death seems so much easier. It’s about becoming a best-selling novelist and fulfilling your dreams and then feeling so utterly empty inside that an ocean of whisky isn’t enough.

Sounds bleak? It’s damn funny too.

“A compellingly honest, brave, raw insight into what it’s truly like to struggle with your mental health.” CLAIRE SEEBER

“Torture and bliss, heart and soul, blood and guts: this unflinching, beautifully-written memoir takes the reader on a viscerally honest tour of an extraordinary mind.” ERIN KELLY

“Devastatingly accurate and beautifully vivid. Piece of Mind has a lot to say to a lot of people, and it says it in an admirably unflinching way.” SIMON BRETT

Piece of Mind. Published in Paperback and Ebook September 2021
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